Huzzle 3 Novel

Huzzle 3 Novel is the most accessible variant of our houses. You can get a fully-fledged 3-bedrooms house in modern design with flat roof, at the price of a flat. 

The centre of the house is undoubtedly big open living room. Huge windows guarantee enough daily light from dawn to dusk and give you a beautiful view into the garden. Furthermore, you can add a terrace with entrance from the living room.

The living room is connected with modern kitchenette. Thanks to that, while cooking you can peacefully communicate with other members of your family, who are in the living room and make the preparation even of the most difficult meals more pleasant. Kitchen is furnished not only with quality appliances, but also with a breakfast desk, which you find useful especially during the morning rush, when there is no time for traditional dining.

Two separate bedrooms are adequate for the families of three and four. Bigger bedroom can be used as children´s bedroom. Smaller room may be used as main bedroom, where you will have enough privacy and still you will be close to you children. Sufficient amount of space for your clothes, toys and everything you own, you can find in wardrobe and utility room set by the front door. 

Bathroom in Huzzle 3 Novel is big enough to put in a bath, shower cubicle or both and still there is some space for washing machine and drier. Ladies and girls will surely appreciate a window, which gives sufficient amount of light for beautifying.

If you own a car, you certainly value a possibility to add a parking shelter, which preserve your car from unfavourable weather and it enables you to get in and off even during the strongest rain.

House´s Standard Equipment Includes

  • useful area 70 m2
  • 2 bedrooms + living room + kitchenette
  • infra-red floor heating
  • utility room and wardrobe
  • Price does not include foundational belts and connection networks


  • configurable construction of the house (kitchen, storage space in the attic, integration of the fireplace and a lot of other items)
  • adaptable interpretation of exterior
  • possibility to add a parking shelter and terrace 

 download a ground plan